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The concrete projects are the effective added value that the Swiss Transit Lab develops and makes available to society. What they have in common is the application and testing of new technologies in a real environment (public space). These projects give the association a face and make the abstract concept of "mobility of the future" visible and tangible.

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Line 12

June 13, 2019
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Line 12

Line 12 is an end-to-end mobility concept (Mobility-as-a-Service) with a planned first- and last-mile concept. It differs from other pilot projects in that it is integrated into the existing public transport line network of the canton of Schaffhausen and thus uses the existing infrastructure.

In search of exciting projects and partners


Do you have an exciting project idea that fits the topic of mobility of the future and related areas? Or do you want to support us in our project in the future?

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Swiss Transit Lab as a platform for research & development

Research & Development

The Swiss Transit Lab is a platform for research and development of smart mobility solutions under real-life conditions.


Swiss Transit Lab as a platform for research & development