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The Swiss Transit Lab is the competence center for intelligent mobility - from Schaffhausen for the whole of Switzerland. We bring together society, business, the public sector and research to transfer innovative mobility concepts from theory to practical application.

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The Swiss Transit Lab is a non-profit organization founded in 2019 as an initiative of private companies, the public transport authority of Schaffhausen and the regional and location development of the canton of Schaffhausen.

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The Swiss Transit Lab is a platform for research and development around the topic of intelligent mobility under real-life conditions.

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Swiss Transit Labs invites interested parties from business, science and society to join forces in shaping solutions for the mobility of the future.

Our vision

  • Linking public and private transport
  • On-demand service, around the clock and connecting the last mile
  • New mobility offers whose possibilities are incorporated in the planning of the city of the future
  • conservation of resources and lower energy consumption per passenger kilometer
  • as a result an increased quality of life for the population
  • simultaneous preservation and enrichment of existing jobs

Our mission

  • Operation of an ecosystem for companies, transport operators, the public sector and interested parties for the development of intelligent mobility solutions.
  • Making practical examples of intelligent mobility solutions visible, tangible, usable and communicable
  • Implementing projects in partnership with network, project partner and member

  • Bringing stakeholders closer to the mobility of the future and its benefits
  • Creating acceptance for smart mobility solutions

The Board of Swiss Transit Lab

Thanks to the commitment of our Board of Directors and the companies represented on the Board, we are able to implement pioneering mobility projects.


Matthias Rödter


CMD Management Group

Dirk Apel

Vice president

Batix Schweiz AG

Thomas Haiz

Member of the board


Christine Mauelshagen

Member of the board

Unity Schweiz AG

Mathis Passeraub


LANDMARKS Business Advisors

Andreas Kaiser

Projects STL


Patrick Schenk

Management STL