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The Swiss Transit Lab in the canton of Schaffhausen is an initiative of private companies, the Schaffhausen public transport operator and the regional and location development  agency of the canton of Schaffhausen.


Research & Development

Swiss Transit Lab is a platform for research and development of smart mobility solutions under real-life conditions.


Future Mobility

The Swiss Transit Lab invites interested parties from business, science and society to join forces in shaping solutions for the mobility of the future.


The competence network for intelligent mobility

Our vision for your future

Unsere Vision für Ihre Zukunft
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Mobility in the future

How will we move from A to B in the future? Which vehicles will transport us? Which drive technologies will take us forward? The mobility of the future raises numerous questions. Current studies show that traffic congestion in cities around the globe is increasing every year and will continue to do so.

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The consequences for people and the environment

Today's traffic systems are reaching their limits. This has consequences for people and the environment: even more congestion, increased demand for parking spaces and environmental pollution are just some of the disadvantages that result. On top of this, passengers' needs and demands on service quality are increasing.

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The challenge

These challenges must be addressed today to shape the mobility of tomorrow.

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Core competencies

The Swiss Transit Lab is the hub for mobility of the future. Geographically well located between the leading automotive cluster in Southern Germany and the university center of Zurich.

It builds on unique infrastructure in a real-world environment, such as an automated bus line, which is available as a research platform for related technologies and products.

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The Swiss Transit Lab is a joint project of Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen VBSH, private companies from the fields of mobility, information technologies, smart city and the regional and location development of the canton of Schaffhausen.

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The Swiss Transit Lab is based in the canton of Schaffhausen. The office is located at Freien Platz 10, directly at the Rhine harbor in Schaffhausen. Our area of action essentially covers the whole of Switzerland, so that regional and supraregional partners can benefit from the initiative. 

In search of exciting projects and partners


Do you have an exciting project idea that fits the topic of mobility of the future? Or do you want to support us in the future with your expertise and/or financial strength?

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The Swiss Transit Lab (STL) in Schaffhausen is about to take another step in the development of automated mobility in public transport. With the pilot project "STL Line 13", an automated bus operation in the city center of Schaffhausen is to be opened this year for the application of new technologies. The vehicle for this purpose arrived in Schaffhausen these days and was presented.

For this purpose, a commercial Toyota Proace Verso Electric minibus has been upgraded in recent weeks with the technology of the Finnish company Sensible 4. This phase was successfully completed and the vehicle was transferred to Switzerland. This represents an important step towards the launch of the "STL Line 13" project.

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Media orientation on the freshly arrived automated STL Line 13 vehicle

The vehicle for the first deployment of dual-mode technologies on Swiss roads has arrived in Switzerland.

This marks an important milestone in the "STL Line 13" project. The vehicle and the project will be presented to the media, partners and sponsors on August 26.

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Swiss Mechatronics Day 2022

On June 30, the Swiss Mechatronics Day will take place at Technopark Zurich. The day combines a top-class program of speeches with an exhibition. The unifying element is the joy of mechatronic solutions. The Swiss Transit Lab will present itself and its projects at the event as part of the exhibition.

The partners of the Swiss Transit Lab

Thanks to our partners and members, we can realize our vision of future-oriented mobility step by step.