Media orientation on the freshly arrived automated STL Line 13 vehicle

The vehicle for the first deployment of dual-mode technologies on Swiss roads has arrived in Switzerland.

This marks an important milestone in the "STL Line 13" project. The vehicle and the project will be presented to the media, partners and sponsors on August 26.

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August 26th 2022

At the media orientation, the Swiss Transit Lab will present the freshly arrived automated vehicle and provide information on the next steps of the "STL Line 13". inform. The vehicle, which will be used on the "STL Line 13", will be the first use of dual-mode deployment of dual-mode technology on Swiss roads and is therefore a groundbreaking groundbreaking step for the future of road transport. In this unique project, experience and knowledge will be gained for the application of new technologies in traffic systems. In addition, with the involvement of the development of the first and last mile will be further developed. At the the newly arrived vehicle will be presented to the media as well as partners and sponsors.