SRF Einstein visits the "STL Line 13"

In the programme "Einstein" on 14 September 2023, Schweizer Fernsehen SRF reported on the "STL Line 13". The report can be viewed on Play SRF or on the website.

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Pilot operations with self-driving bus lines and taxis in Switzerland and abroad fascinate people. New reports can be found almost daily. The media also regularly report on the "STL Line 13". SRF Einstein now dedicated an entire programme to the topic of "Automated Driving" and stopped off in Schaffhausen's Mühlental. On Thursday, 14 September 2023, the programme was broadcast on SRF1. The report showed where our pilot project stands in comparison with others and where the journey of future mobility in general is heading.

You missed the broadcast? No problem. You can watch it at any time on or Play SRF.