FDP Delegiertenversammlung 2023

Assembly of Delegates FDP Switzerland

Together with two other selected showcases from the SAAM network, we presented our project 'STL Line 13' to the FDP politicians at the delegates' meeting on 21 January 2023 in Dübendorf.

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January 21st 2023

Up to 400 people were expected at the delegates' meeting of the FDP, which took place in Switzerland's largest innovation park in Dübendorf. Together with SAAM and two other members of SAAM, we presented showcases around automated driving. In addition to our Toyota Pro-Ace Verso EV, the automated delivery vehicle from LOXO and the EmboVan from Embotech were presented.

From the Swiss Transit Lab, our president Matthias Rödter, our vice-president Dirk Apel and board member Mathis Passeraub were on site. The STL team was complemented by Richard Levy from Sensible 4. Together, we presented our project and our vision of future mobility and smart city concepts to the FDP delegates.

Regierungsrätin Carmen Walker Späh

Interested parties were able to get an idea of the state of the art on site. The special thing about our project is that we "retrofitted" an existing vehicle with technology from Sensible4. We showed how a regular road vehicle can be retrofitted with technology for automated driving and how the vehicle will be used in public transport.

We were able to show our vision of automated driving to many interested delegates. Among others, we had the pleasure of welcoming National Councillor Regina Sauter, Canton of Zurich Councillor Carmen Walker Späh and Canton of Schaffhausen Councillor Martin Kessler to our stand.