Huawei and European mobile operators visit the STL

The operation of automated bus lines will require a high volume of data transmissions in the future. This was precisely the topic of Huawei's visit with customers from all over Europe to the Swiss Transit Lab at the end of September.

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The operation of an automated bus line generates an enormous volume of data. These have to be transferred between the vehicle, its environment and the operations centre. The bus continuously receives localisation data for orientation and at the same time sends its position data to the servers in the control centre. A reliable transmission network is therefore indispensable for the safe operation of automated vehicles.

Localisation and position data make up only a small portion of the total data volume. The board computer of the "STL Line 13" also collects vast amounts of driving data, which is needed for the optimisation and further development of the software as well as the driving behaviour. An automatic transfer of this data to the development team in real time is not yet possible due to the high volume. The next development step with teleassistance or teleoperation of automated vehicles is being planned. In this case, vehicles will be controlled remotely from a control centre. The corresponding requirements for bandwidth, stability and latency time will be even higher.

These topics and corresponding technologies were the focus of the visit by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. to Schaffhausen on 29 September 2023. The STL received the delegation in the Mühlental and exchanged views on the potential of 5G for the mobility of the future. The technology provider Huawei visited the "STL Line 13" with customers and mobile network providers from all over Europe.

Afterwards, the "STL Line 13" was available to our visitors for a test drive. We look back on an interesting and enriching exchange and are eager to see what opportunities the technological expansion will bring us.