Also Baden-Württemberg is curious

On May 15th 2023, the STL welcomed a high-ranking delegation led by Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann from Baden-Württemberg. They tested the self-driving bus line and talked about the significance of the development project for the mobility of the future.

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May 15th 2023

The automated bus line with dual-mode technology, realised for the first time in Switzerland, has attracted great attention. On Monday, 15 May 2023, Winfried Hermann (Minister of Transport of Baden-Württemberg) visited Schaffhausen and the pilot project of the Swiss Transit Lab under the title "Experience best practice in public transport - learn from exemplary regions". With great interest, the delegation discussed the benefits, previous experiences and opportunities of the new technology and saw for themselves the driving comfort of the minibus.

Winfried Hermann emphasised: "In the long term, the development of autonomous buses is an important component for cost-efficient and demand-oriented public transport in rural areas. In the context of on-demand services, these can ensure that people always remain well connected and are flexibly brought to their destination, even outside peak times. In Schaffhausen, the Swiss Transit Lab is already demonstrating the impressive potential of the technology. The state of Baden-Württemberg is also involved in advancing research on autonomous buses with several pilot projects."