Fahrzeug Abnahme STL Linie 13

Approval for STL Line 13

After almost 2 years of preparation, things are suddenly moving at a rapid pace. What was then a vision in our heads is now becoming reality.

Only last week we presented the design of the vehicle. Today we can immediately announce a milestone of the project.

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2022 November 21st

Last Friday, our vehicle for the STL Line 13, the Toyota Pro-Ace EV in combination with the Sensible 4 technology for automated driving, passed the test of the Federal Office of Transport BAV and the Road Traffic Office! We have thus achieved the technical basis for our project.

On the same day, we submitted the application for pilot operation to the Federal Roads Office FEDRO. We think that we will be able to start pilot operation in Q1 2023.

Many thanks to all those involved for the work they have done. We are working flat out to make our vision of the first automated dual-mode vehicle in Switzerland a reality on Swiss roads as soon as possible.

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