Acceptance study on automated driving

"The acceptance of the self-driving minibus by the population of Schaffhausen plays an essential role in the success of the "STL Line 13" with the dual-mode technology used. UNITY Schweiz AG supports us here as a partner.

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2022 November 30th

UNITY accompanies the Swiss Transit Lab in the introduction and operational phase of the self-driving bus with a focus on technology acceptance, communication and participation. In doing so, various aspects that influence the perception of automated driving are considered. The survey of these aspects is carried out by means of interviews and surveys on site in Schaffhausen. 

The results provide recommendations

"In our consulting projects, we often experience that people are not sufficiently involved in the introduction of innovative technologies. It is elementary to take the wishes, needs and concerns of all those affected seriously right from the start," says Sebastian Löw (UNITY). Christine Mauelshagen (UNITY) adds: "The acceptance of new technologies or infrastructure projects can only be considered under consideration of the local conditions on site. We are all the more excited about the results from Schaffhausen. Other cities and regions can benefit greatly from the Swiss Transit Lab's experience with Line 13."

The acceptance study in Schaffhausen will start in autumn 2022 and the results will be published on the Swiss Transit Lab website, among other places.