Swiss Transit Lab

Competence Centre for Intelligent Transport Systems

The Swiss Transit Lab is an initiative by local transport operator Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen, several companies specialised in mobility, smart city and IT and the Regional Development Agency of the Canton of Schaffhausen.

The Swiss Transit Lab is a platform for research and development in a real-life operating environment – enabling the development and testing of all aspects of intelligent transport systems.

The Swiss Transit Lab Round Table brings together stakeholders from the business and research communities as well as community organisations who want to work together to create joint solutions to meet the transport requirements of the future.

Trapizio Bus auf SIG Areal

The Vision

How will we get from A to B in future? What sort of vehicles will move us around? What will power those vehicles? Think about transport of the future and you discover lots of questions. Research shows that the volume traffic within cities is increasing all around the world and will continue to grow.

That has a knock-on effect on mankind: more traffic jams, more car parks needed, more pollution to name just a few of the downsides of the growth in transportation.

So, we need to confront these challenges today in order to shape our transport systems of the future.

Core Competencies


We are a hub for all aspects of transport of the future, positioned strategically between the leading automotive cluster in Southern Germany and the universities in and around Zurich

We provide unique facilities, comprising a range of work-spaces, a live test-track and with leading sector representatives located in the heart of the Lab

We are united in our progressive and pragmatic approach – that goes for all parties involved

We benefit from the strategic focus our local government places on transportation and the development of advanced solutions, with support available for growing businesses

Our Structure


The Swiss Transit Lab is a collaboration between local transport operator Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen VBSH, private partners in the areas of mobility, smart city and IT, and the Regional Development Agency of the Canton of Schaffhausen

Our Location


The Swiss Transit Lab is located in the Canton of Schaffhausen, on the site of SIG in Neuhausen am Rheinfall. Thanks to the relatively small size of the Canton, the surrounding area also benefits from the initiative.


The Swiss Transit Lab (STL) is launching another pilot project with "Line 13". Together with the Finnish company Sensible 4, the STL is upgrading a commercial Toyota with sensor


The Swiss Transit Lab (STL) has used the past few months intensively to grow further. AWK Group AG, Batix Schweiz AG, CMD Management Group GmbH and Ferrostaal Equipment Solutions Schweiz AG have now joined the mobility lab in the canton of


In February 2020, the first line of self-driving electric minibuses started in the German city of Monheim. The new line connects the old town with the bus station and acts as a shuttle to the large buses. The project was made possible with the


Our Partners