New partners further strengthen the Swiss Transit Lab

The Swiss Transit Lab (STL) based in Schaffhausen has the pleasure of welcoming two new partner companies: With immediate effect, PhotoGnosis GmbH and p2data GmbH will contribute their know-how, strengthen the competence center and further advance Schaffhausen towards a Smart City.

The STL is an open innovation initiative of industry, transport companies and the public sector. In order to expand its know-how and competencies, the Swiss Transit Lab offers interested and innovative companies the opportunity to become partners and to jointly shape the most pressing questions concerning the mobility of the future.

Now we can welcome the first two official partners to the Swiss Transit Lab:

PhotoGnosis GmbH:


Tony Afram and George Themelis are the founders of PhotoGnosis GmbH. The highly innovative start-up offers solutions how visual information can be used even more effectively in the mobility of the future. Originating from the field of medical technology, PhotoGnosis uses its solutions in the Swiss Transit Lab, for example in the field of passenger counting. Other applications also include smart health applications.

PhotoGnosis GmbH has moved to Switzerland and Schaffhausen specifically to participate in the Swiss Transit Lab.


p2data GmbH:


Founding member and CTO of the company p2data is Karl-Friedrich Hüssner. p2data visualises data and people routes and has already carried out a pilot test with the Schaffhausen transport authority in the past. The company p2data has profound experience in the field of people counting systems and their evaluation. The company from Thurgau knows the needs of the public transport industry very well and is internationally active.

Let us develop new competences and technologies together
The Swiss Transit Lab offers members a laboratory setting for the application of mobility applications (R&D infrastructure). They also benefit from access to the existing infrastructure, the technology used and the specific knowledge of the partner companies.

If you too would like to become a partner of the Swiss Transit Lab, you can find out more here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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